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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  August 10, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. abductor killed. a missing idaho teen is found safe bringing an end to a massive manhunt. the alleged family friend at the center of it all shot by police. good evening, i'm lynn bui and that's what people are talking about tonight. hannah anderson is now being examined before being reunited with her family. the massive manhunt and amber alert spanned three states and thousands of miles. we have the latest. >> reporter: the search to find the man who allegedly abducted 16-year-old hannah anderson came to an end saturday when officials say an f.b.i. agent shot and killed james lee
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dimaggio. >> hannah was successfully rescued. >> reporter: they were found in a remote area of idaho. his car was found abandoned near the town of cascade. >> the nissan versa was discovered than led to really a massive federal, state, and local manhunt. >> reporter: hannah and dimaggio were seen liking on wednesday. a horseback rider spotted them but didn't know until later that police were searching for the pair. it didn't look like she was being held against her will. >> reporter: this area called the frank church river of no return wilderness was where they were found. >> that is one of challengeses here. >> reporter: she went missing sunday the same day her mother and 8-year-old brother were found in dimaggio's burned
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california home. authorities say dimaggio was a friend of the family and had a strange infatuation with the 16-year-old girl. hannah's father never gave up hope. >> hannah, we all love you very much. if you have a chance, you take it. you run. you'll be found. >> reporter: authorities say plans are being made to reunite hannah and her father on sunday. . >> according to the san diego county sheriff's office, aerial units covering the idaho wilderness spotted their campsite. we're learning about a crash in north eastern pennsylvania that killed five people, four of them from here in maryland. the pilot was not certified to fly using only on board instruments. it does not appear the pilot got a weather briefing prior to takeoff. two of the victims were from eli cot city, the other from savage.
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breaking apart and bursting into flames, a plane comes down, four people are dead and neighbors are shock. >> reporter: it fell from the sky and crashed foo two homes engulfing -- into two homes engulfing them into flames. >> we seen it hit the house. >> a whoosh of air come down, and then i felt the ground shake and i heard the explosion. >> boom boom, boom and i realized like a bomb. >> reporter: the pilot henningsgaard and his teenage son were touring east coast colleges, they were killed along with two children inside a home, ages 1 and 13. >> it's overwhelming to watch and still hit here to watch is overwhelming. >> reporter: neighbors say the family had just moved in and the single mother ran out screaming for help when it happened. >> we did take her to hospital to make sure she was okay. she is now with friends and
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family, out of east haven. she's doing as well as can be expect. >> reporter: the pilot has had problems before. new details about friday's accident. investigators say the plane was flying upside down. >> the airplane impacted house inverted. >> reporter: the pilot did not declare that state of emergency and crashed not far from the airport. >> he did ask the pilot if the pilot had the runway in sight and the pilot acknowledged yes. and from there, i imagine a few seconds later, they lost transmission with the airport. >> reporter: investigators will now scour through the wreckage and data to figure out what caused the tragedy investigators should finish a preliminary report within ten days. a more in-depth report could take up to nine months.
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closer to home now, police search for a man who drove an suv into a house andn a failed theft attempt. it happened in odenton last night. he stole a car on maple ridge lane. the jeep liberty ended up in a home on cadbury drive. no one was hurt inside. the suspect got away and has not been seen. call anne arundel county police if you have information. in annapolis police have a man in custody accused of robbing and assaulting a woman at mall. it happened before noon. police say this man, aaron lamont grey approached a woman in the jc penney store, hit her in the face and stole her purse. a group of men who saw it happen chased grey and nabbed him. he faces robbery theft and assault charges. first responders from several counties and volunteers used plenty of imagination
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preparing for a real mass casualty incident. gigi barnett shows us this major simulation. >> reporter: a casualty is created and actors get in place. >> injured suspect on a farm. >> reporter: rescue workers are called in. [ sirens ]. [ screaming ]. >> reporter: it's a staged emergency that first responders in baltimore county designed to train volunteers and treat victims when the real thing happens. >> a hay ride going on, an atv didn't see the tractor and the hay wagon and cut them off, the hay wagon and the tractor rolled down the hill and we have 16 to 17 injured victims. >> help, my leg is broken! >> reporter: everything is recorded. it's information that could cut down emergency response times and actual life and death accidents. >> it gets us into equipment, familiar with it.
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mass casualty is not something that happens often, thank goodness. but we want to practice it to make sure we're at top of our game. >> reporter: they wanted a simulation that would be realistic in this area. rural baltimore county, an atv hay ride collision was the choice. >> i have a broken arm. >> reporter: hailey coffey and caitlin volunteered to be victims this weekend. helping them to train gives them peace of mind. >> what if something were to happen, what would happen with us? you know what i mean? >> what the protocol is. >> yeah. >> reporter: gigi barnett, wjz eyewitness news. . >> it does seem pretty realistic. volunteer fire departments all participated in the simulation. the president and first lady spoke today in orlando at the disabled national convention. president obama outlined several
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priorities. >> the fight to recover from the wounds of war. and this may be your greatest triumph of all. because rather than being defined by what you lost, by what you can't do, you inspire america [ inaudible ] with what you can do. >> president obama outlined several priorities for veterans including certain bull jets that are elevated, homelessness is reduced and jobs and educational benefits are boosted. he announced the american veterans disabled for life memorial which will be unveiled next year in the nation's capitol. playing the lottery pours millions into the state coffers. but it's not all good news tas competition from casinos gross lottery revenues are down. pat warren has details on a drop in ticket sales. >> reporter: that's right.
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marylanders willing to gamble on winning are enriching the state with their losses but every silver lining has a cloud. that ticket you bought today may not be worth anything to you tonight but it's a win for the state. $1.7 billion generated in ticket sales in fiscal 2013, put half a billion into the state's general fund. but that's 2% less than last year. want to bet on the reason. >> i went to this roulette table and i won a thousand dollars. >> reporter: maryland live. >> it wasn't unexpected. we've seen this trend over the past couple of months. >> reporter: it's the first downward trend for lottery sales in 16 years and while the gaming commission saw it coming there wasn't much they could do to stop it. >> there's only so many discretionary entertainment dollars that people have. >> reporter: and maryland live likes them all. >> we know it's challenge when you drop the third largest commercial casino in the united states in between the two most
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populated metropolitan areas that we have in the state. >> reporter: lottery retailers closer to maryland live have seen a loss in sale. 75% of all the casino revenue generated in the state comes from maryland live. and that's before the poker room opens later this month. it's a challenge for the lottery. >> and we're going to work hard to correct it. >> reporter: even with your dollars coming from the lottery the total gambling revenue for the state is up nearly 28%. that's between both the traditional lottery and the maryland casinos. $830 million. pat warren reporting, now back to you. >> thank you, pat. 284 million went into the state's education trust fund. and one powerball winner in west creek, new jersey, is glad she played the lottery. >> you always dream t you look it, you dream it and you think,
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that's not ever going to be me. >> it was her, though. the workers are employed at ocean county vehicle maintenance. they are each $3.5 million richer. susan nickels says she plans to work for a year and then retire and take a cross country trip with her husband. in all three winning tickets were purchased. coming up on wjz's eyewitness news, forced evacuations. the wildfire threatens dozens of homes causing mass chaos. what's happening in twin pines, california, tonight. next. traumatic crash, a speeding car almost hits several people before plowing into a building. why the driver was going so fast and who walked away uninjured. plus back to school training. bus drivers prepare for unique circumstances to keep kids safe on the way to school. that's coming up. it's the latest thing in hotel a meant amenity.
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the flood waters are mixing with dirt left behind from a massive waldo canyon wildfire. cars were stranded, even bouncing up and down like boats. at least one person has died in that flooding. strong waters there, many major roads are still closed tonight. caught on camera, one very wild car crash that could have been deadly. take a look at this close call. a car comes careening out of control, into a city parking lot. three people getting out of their car come within inches of getting hit. the passenger in the out of control cadillac says the driver was trying to commit suicide. he sped up to 70 miles an hour and nearly hit those men. unfortunately everyone was okay. firefighters gained ground on a massive wildfire burning through southern california. the fire is about 90 miles east of los angeles and is 50%
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contained. 26 homes have been destroyed. 9 people have been injured. the fire forced 2,000 people to evacuate. many of those people can return home tonight. a milestone moment in a happy home coming in west texas. it has been four months since a massive explosion wiped out homes in the town. now the first family is moving back into their renovated home. it is a huge moment for the city which has been reeling after the tragedy. the family recalls seeing their badly damaged home for the very first time. >> the ceilings were in, the windows were gone, the door jambs were gone. >> now it looks beautiful. they hope this will bring hope for the west of their neighbors that think can come back and go to their homes as well. with the new school year about to begin districts get
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ready with safety drills. in georgetown, texas, bus drivers are getting special training to keep them safe. that includes terror attack drills where drivers search buses for suspicious packages. a local church gives away hundreds of backpacks preparing kids to go back to school. it was filled with school supplies. the kids enjoyed free popcorn and hot dogs and a safety demonstration from the maryland state police and other local police and fire units. the latest hotel trend has come to baltimore but it's not about the softness of the sheets or the gourmet items at the mini bar. as mike schuh reports, the downtown hotel wants you to remember your stay by getting out to see the city. >> reporter: this is how tourists are introduced to baltimore, in a cab in traffic. but a hotel here thinks the best way is on two wheels. >> we are taking a bike ride on
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our new kimpton bikes. >> reporter: i'm riding with the general manager joe pagone up charles street. >> we're doing it to promote that not only we have bikes that are free for our guests to use but also we have created a war of 1812 map to visit significant sites. via cycle. >> reporter: the luxury hotel monaco is owned by kimpton and kimpton has put bikes in all of its hotels. >> i think the bicycle program gives the guest an opportunity to live look a local and see the city through the eyes of the people that live here. nothing better than seeing a city close up and i think bicycle allows you to do that. >> reporter: so on this day a group of those tied to local tourism took the hour and a half tour. katie marks works for the parks service. >> we have the trail going through the city. the brown signs mark the trail so we're trying to work with outfitters to develop these sorts of things for tourists. >> reporter: the first stop is a
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tour of poe's grave and the cemetery grounds. they then later go down to the flag house and over to federal hill in fort mchenry. they have a gourmet pack lunch available as well. . >> props to mike for doing the interview while riding a bike. and it was good biking weather today, chelsea. >> it turned out to be a nice afternoon. can we expect the same tomorrow? we'll talk about that. right now temperatures sitting in the low and mid-70s in the region. 72 degrees right now in baltimore, 76 in washington. 70 in easton and 69 in ocean city. winds for the most part are coming out of the south, but we do have a few spots where they're call.
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you expect to see patchy fog. the winds out of the south associated with the front tal boundary which is lining us along the northern edge of the carolinas out to the atlantic ocean and it will bring showers tonight that will skirt along southern maryland and the southern eastern shore but most of us will be dry. the frontal boundary is sitting right down to our south so that's going to allow a few more showers and thunderstorms to roll right across our region as we head into your sunday while the dry nice air remains to our north. so, areas right along the mason/dixon line could be more dry than wet tomorrow though no one is going to be seeing a washout as we head into your sunday. overnight through monday, here are things play out. we'll have the frontal boundary still sitting across the mid-atlantic but by monday it should be more cloud cover than any rainfall. your bay temperatures is around 78 degrees and we'll have winds out of the southeast around 5 knots for tomorrow.
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what you can expect tonight, temperature have i normal, around 66 degrees. we are going to be partly cloudy overnight tonight and then tomorrow we had be relatively normal as well with highs at 87. some sunday with a shower possible in the afternoon. for the next five days, 87 on monday, rather dry day, 87 on tuesday, going to be watching this day 'cause we could get a few severe thunderstorms rolling through by tuesday afternoon. then we dry out nicely as an area of high pressure works its way into the forecast. 82 on wednesday and 80 by thursday. over to you. >> chelsea, thank you. coming up next if sports, can the orioles keep shining on their west coast trip? they go for their fourth straight wins and the,,,,,,,,,,,
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. stan is off in tonight's the fan sports report, start with the orioles and you can't blame the birds if they're california dreaming. they've won nine of their 11 games played in the golden state. the orioles led 1-0 in the 6th but the giants tied it up. two runs score and san fransisco takes a 3-1 lead. the orioles, though, cut into that lead in the 8th when davis leads off with this blast to center. it will carry out of the park for his major league leading 42nd home run. unfortunately, that was the last run the orioles got this afternoon. the giants win it 3-2. that stops the orioles three game winning streak. and the ravens were back on the practice field for the first time since thursday's 44-16 win over tampa bay. head coach john harbaugh called
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it a tough hard nosed practice. harbaugh says everyone is excited to get back on the field. >> it's our home, you know. i think it's the best stadium in football, you know. it's classic, it's a classic stadium, and even though it's a little older now it's been around for a little while now it seems like it's brand new. >> coach harbaugh did not offer any injury updates but according to our media partner the baltimore suns mri on pierce's knee shows no structural damage. he limped off the field after this touchdown run against tampa. round three in the pga championship. jim furyk is the sole leader. he took this lead with the birdie putt on the 17th hold. he is 9 under. he has a one shot lead over
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